Venere (2015)

This performance is about the different states and contradictions of affection, the muscular and as well the symbolic. There are poetic references to the symbology of love in history and above all, it is about giving a metaphorical answer to the question: what have I done to belong here, to exist?
Venere (to be pronounced with stress on the first ‘e’) is an Italian word for Venus, and it covers not only the meaning of the goddess, but also of the planet. This double meaning spans from the symbolic to the material. On the one hand, it deals with the duress and coldness of the vast distant yet visible planet, while at the same time considering the malleability of the symbolic, living with affections and love, i.e. living out love.
Direction, choreography and set design: Daniel Abreu
Assistant director and lighting designer: Irene Cantero
Interpretation: Anuska Alonso, Pilar Andrés, Carmen Fumero, Dácil González, Janet Novas, Maxi Sandford and Daniel Abreu
Music: Nils Frahms, Monteverdi, Vangelis Katsoulis and Ben Frost
Technical coordination: David Benito
Production assistant: Dácil González
Management: Elena Santonja – Esmanagement
Supported by: Comunidad de Madrid
Collaborators: Centro de Danza Canal, Coreógrafos en Comunidad and Compañía Nacional de Danza.

Thanks to: Mónica Runde, Virginia Rota, Alba González, Daniel Rodríguez, Jara Blanco, Tano Astiaso, Victor Colmenero, Francesco de Laurentiis, David Benito, Cristina Libertad, Roberto Baldinelli and Mar Rodríguez. And specially to all the dancer to help to keep alive this work.

Premier: 28th november 2015, Teatros del Canal (Madrid).