Creation and direction: Daniel Abreu
Interpretation: Emiliana Battista Marino, Carmen Fumero, Dácil González, Alba González and Laura López
Assistant direction: Mauricio Pérez
Rehearsals direction: Mauricio Pérez and Mar Rodríguez
Music: Collage
Lighting design: Alfredo Diez and Daniel Abreu
Video projections: José Espigares and Daniel Abreu
Photographer: marcosGpunto
Manager: Elena Santonja Garriga
Coproduced by Teatros del Canal and Daniel Abreu
Collaborators: Centro Coreográfico María Pagés and Centro Coreográfico Canal.

VAV is the sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet and symbolises whatever is joined or keeps things together, whether it be a hook, a link, or the junction between land and the sky, or man and spirit. Its definition is associated with relations in general, including romantic ones.

This play, intended for five performers, represents the dichotomy necessary for existence. It juxtaposes dance and words, as well as the misrepresentation of light and sound. On the one hand, we find the animal body dancing, and on the other, the image to which it is anchored; a physical body is contrasted with a digital one, solid forms with light.

This work comprises a philosophical point of view of the state of joining things together, through love and the links between one and the other. It dances from the realm of abstractions, or in some cases, ample and polysemic terms, in an attempt to connect with the references of each opposing term.

It is about belonging and that impossibility of not being part of something. Rites and myths are necessary for this joining and to ensure its permanence. Another prerequisite is touch and this fantastic world of senses and feelings that move us.