Silencio (2013)

This play was created with light bodies in apparent calmness. Each performer fights against gravity in total silence. The silence adds to the presence of the weightlessness, which in turn gives substance to the play, taking it from the real blow, to the sacred world. The piece ends with words addressed to an absent father, shackled by the illness of oblivion, in both play and silence.
Creation and direction: Daniel Abreu Lighting designer: Irene Cantero Dancers: Anuska Alonso, Dácil González and Daniel Abreu.
Technical coordination: David Benito
Production assistant: Dácil González
Management: Elena Santonja – Esmanagement
Supported by: Comunidad de Madrid
Collaborators: Teatro Victoria, Teatro Cuarta Pared and Centro de Danza Canal

Premier: 7th november 2013 in Teatro Cuarta Pared, Madrid.