La Desnudez (2017)

Direction, choreography and scenography: Daniel Abreu
Interpretation: Dácil González and Daniel Abreu
Musician (live): Hugo Portas
Music: Tarquinio Merula, Claudio Monteverdi, Gabriel Fauré and Henry Purcell
Lighting design: Irene Cantero
Sculpture creation: David Benito

Costumes workshop: Angeles Marín
Technical coordination: David Benito
Production assistant: Teresa Rivera
Manager: Elena Santonja – Esmanagement
Coproducers: Teatros del Canal and Festival Danzatack
Collaborators: Auditorio de Tenerife, Centro de Danza Canal and Teatro Victoria de


The play is a poetic proposal about knowing how to love oneself. Two characters on
stage are pointing to an idea of polarity and a journey from death to love. The music
accompanies the musician with its deep sound of the wind through metal pipes. La
Desnudez (Nakedness) responds to this place of intimacy where answers are no longer
to be found. The beauty of La Desnudez lies in what is there and what happens. At
times it can be the sublimity of a hand caressing and exchanging heat and sweat,
perhaps seeking a forbidden love.


Or it can be the case of making love and sustaining
it. Love is built and destroyed, as in the act of breathing. The dance is about what
happens in each universe; it tries to devour as much as possible to regurgitate
something new. And it is about two people who give in to the urge of stretching the
ties whilst really wanting to keep them slack enough to be able to untie them quickly.
The play goes from black to white, from a confined space to an open space.