La Desnudez (2017)

This work embarks on a track between love and death. A man and a woman move and touch everything around them. What they form is both liquid, malleable, and gives a sensation of vertigo. They start by undressing, not their bodies, but their forms to understand the geography of where they are.

Premios Max 2018
Mejor Espectáculo de Danza
Mejor Coreografía
Mejor Intérprete Masculino de Danza
Direction, choreography and set design: Daniel Abreu
Lighting designer: Irene Cantero
Interpretation: Dácil González and Daniel Abreu
Music: Collage
Teacher: Lipi Hernández
Technical coordination: David Benito
Management: Elena Santonja
Coproduction: Teatros del Canal and Festival Danzatac
Collaborators: Auditorio de Tenerife, Centro de Danza Canal and Teatro Victoria de Tenerife
Photo: marcosGpunto

Premier: 18th october 2017 in Teatros del Canal, Madrid.