La Desnudez (2017)

This work embarks on a track between love and death. A man and a woman move and touch everything around them. What they form is both liquid, malleable, and gives a sensation of vertigo. They start by undressing, not their bodies, but their forms to understand the geography of where they are.
Direction, choreography and set design: Daniel Abreu
Lighting designer: Irene Cantero
Interpretation: Dácil González and Daniel Abreu
Music: Collage
Teacher: Lipi Hernández
Technical coordination: David Benito
Management: Elena Santonja
Coproduction: Teatros del Canal and Festival Danzatac
Collaborators: Auditorio de Tenerife, Centro de Danza Canal and Teatro Victoria de Tenerife
Photo: marcosGpunto

Premier: 18th october 2017 in Teatros del Canal, Madrid.