EL ARCO (2022)

Creation and direction: Daniel Abreu
Interpretation: Elisa Tejedor, Dácil González and Daniel Abreu
Music: Elisa Tejedor
Fantasy costume design: Paloma de Alba
Costume workshop: Gabriel Besa and Paloma de Alba
Light design: Alfredo Díez and Daniel Abreu
Videoproyection: Ana Verastegui, José Espigares and Daniel Abreu
Technical coordination: David Benito and Alfredo Díez

Photography: marcosGpunto
Management: Elena Santonja
Supported by la Comunidad de Madrid
Collaborator: Centro Coreográfico Canal, Teatro Cuarta Pared and Centro
Cultural Eduardo Úrculo
Thanks to: Francisco Sokolowicz, Hugo Portas and Carmen Werner

The pictures of this play speak of the exhibition of bodies and desire. The fantasy
that surrounds the act of seduction, as a curvaceous journey from nothing to
everything. A shot on target.
A figure awaits us on stage to take us into the depth of a fragmented story, but it
comes together through the concepts of necessity and hunting, exactly as advertising
does in the media, creating need and void.
It appears to be narrated by this observer who perceives life in a poetic and fantastic form. It looks at two characters who contort the flesh and its idealization, showing through their dance the care, use, confrontation, and the undone.

The transformation of real images in robotics, presented in the beginning of the
proposal, invites us to overcome the impulses and their weaponry. Increasingly
accustomed to living with the irreal image, El Arco is a parallelism to the digital
worlds, the conquest, their distortions, and some outcomes.
At an audiovisual level, the cultural times intermingle and clash, and at the same
time speak to us of one feeling, before and now. Two universes and their impulses,
which connect and disconnect. The current music and the frequencies of bygone
centuries are distanced in times of use, but not in the human depth that sustains