DALET (Da) (2022)

Direction and creation: Daniel Abreu

Assistant director: Mar Rodríguez

Interpretation: Daniel Abreu, Abián Hernández, Diego Pazo, Mauricio Pérez, Daniel Rodríguez and David Vilarinyo

Original music and interpretation: Hugo Portas and Elisa Tejedor

Music: Alec Roth, David Terranova, David Toop, Forest Swords, John Tavener, Michael Wall, Svarte Greiner, Thomas Köner, Akira Rabelais and Andy Stoot

Ligthing design: Pedro Yagüe

Setting design: Luis Crespo

Video projection and technical coordination: David Benito

Costume workshop: Gabriel Besa

Fantasy costume design: Esteban Cedrés

Fotography: marcosGpunto

Manager: Elena Santonja – esmanagement

Supported by Comunidad de Madrid and Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Colaborators: Centro Coreográfico María Pagés, Centro Coreográfico Canal and Compañía Nacional de Danza

Dalet is a letter in the Hebrew alphabet making reference to a door. A door without a threshold for easier access. A way from the void to a form without dimensions. It talks of a journey through the desert, with mandatory steps taken countless times in the path of evolution.

This symbol, and its ensuing energy, which permits us to move to another place, is the motor propelling this creation for six dancers and two musicians.

It is the idea of moving down a path, the point of departure being the place where a variety of characters are making their decisions. These figures, supported by their group, give meaning to a landscape full of symbols having to do with nature, its conquest, and reinterpretation.

The humility of throwing oneself on the ground and hoping for the grass to grow on one’s skin is a recurrent image accompanying the whole creative process. So is the rendition of water in its stream, and dancing. Dancing, well aware that what is moving is the floor, and we are only reacting to it, through the air.

The play moves from a part sustained in its gestures and dance, to a place of dreaminess and magical displays.