Founded in 2004, the Daniel Abreu Company is considered one of the most recognised on the Spanish stage. Daniel Abreu’s choreographic work is characterised by its simple performing language, the strength and personality of the dancers, the suggestive landscapes derived from the construction of magnificent oneiric and present-day images, and a sensitive sound experience. The various interpretations of the scenic images and the great poetic storytelling, characteristic of each work, prop up each of the performed creations in both solo and group format.

The Daniel Abreu team is made up of dancers devoted to the physical vocabulary and bodily communication. So far, the company has premiered more than fifty performances.

The company has visited more than twenty countries in its regular tours around Europe, the Americas and Asia. Their popularity both with audiences and the specialized press has led to further support with an array of institutions such as the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the Cervantes Institute, and the Madrid Community.

In 2011, the Daniel Abreu Company started its participation in the European programme, Modul Dance, led by the Mercat de les Flors.